Our Vision & Strategy


Our Vision:

Rescue and renew every vulnerable orphan in Southwest Kenya.

Our Strategy:

1. Build Care Centers

Oasis is moving from building children’s homes to establishing Care Centers. Care Centers will not only provide a loving, safe and nurturing place for children to be developed holistically, it will also be a place where caregivers and guardians of children will be trained to provide that holistic care.  Care Centers will position Oasis to collaborate with various organizations, such as clinics, schools, churches and government agencies within the community to provide the best care for orphaned children.

 2. Expand the Sponsorship Program

The Oasis sponsorship program has always been one-to-one, where, for $100 a month, one sponsor was able to provide for the living and educational expenses of one orphaned child.  However, with the increasing costs of care and education, we recognize that the actual cost to care well for an orphaned child is closer to $200-250 a month. Therefore, Oasis is expanding our sponsorship program [add a hyper link to the new sponsorship page] in order to cover all of the costs of care for each child.

 3. Establish New Partnerships

Oasis has always partnered with Kenyan leaders to rescue children. In order to rescue thousands of more vulnerable orphaned children, we will need to find and vet more leaders in Kenya who are already committed to the rescue efforts of orphaned children.

 4. Form Strategic Alliances

Oasis is looking for like-minded organizations from which we can learn in order to provide the best holistic care to orphaned children.